Lessons and Exercises for 1st Year Bac Students

Starter: Review

Parts of the Speech

English Tenses

Regular Vs Irregular Verbs

Unit 1: Our Cultural Heritage

Vocabulary: What is culture?

Function: Asking about opinion / Giving Opinion

Grammar: Irregular Verbs + Articles

Video Lesson: The Past Simple

Writing: Punctuation and Capitalization

Unit 2: Education

Vocabulary: School Subjects, Facilities and Activities

Function: Seeking & Giving Advice

Grammar: Past Simple Vs Past Continuous

Video Lesson: The Past Continuous vs. Past Simple

Grammar: "Used to + Verb" for Past Habits

Writing: Personal Letter

Units 1 and 2 Review

Unit 3: Media

Vocabulary: Types of Media / Media Jobs

Function: Expressing Surprise & Interest

Grammar: The Present Perfect

Video Lesson: The Present Perfect

Writing: The Paragraph Vs The Essay

Unit 4: Leisure & Entertainment

Vocabulary: Places for entertainment / Leisure activities

Word-formation & Function: Participle Adjectives - Expressing Feelings & Emotions

Video Lesson: Participle Adjectives: {-ed} or {-ing}

Grammar 1: The future: be going to / will

Video Lesson: The Future Simple Tense

Video Lesson: The Future Simple Negative

Video Lesson: The Future Simple Yes/No Questions

Video Lesson: The Future Simple Information (wh-) Question

Grammar 2: Too / Enough

Video Lesson: Too & Enough

Grammar 3: Prepositions: in, on, at

Video Lesson: Prepositions: in, on, at

Writing: The Informal Email

Units 3 and 4 Review

Unit 5: Celebrations

Vocabulary: Celebrations

Function: Expressing Promise

Grammar 1: Relative Pronouns (who, which, that, where, whose)

Grammar 2: The Passive Voice

Video Lesson: The Passive Voice

Unit 6: Health

Vocabulary: Parts of the body - Health problems

Function: Making Complaints - Offering Apologies

Grammar: Conditional type zero & Conditional type 1

Video Lesson: Conditional Type 1

Grammar/Function: Modal Verbs (expressing possibility, permission, obligation & prohibition)

Units 5 & 7 Review

Unit 7: Ecology

Vocabulary: Ecological Issues

Word Formation: Noun-Verb-Adjective Transformation

Function: Expressing Hopes & Wishes

Grammar: Conditional Type 2

Video Lesson: Conditional Type 2

Writing: The Formal Letter

Unit 8: Society & Social Problems

Vocabulary: Social Problems & Possible Solutions

Function: Making Suggestions

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs

Video Lesson: Phrasal Verbs

Writing: Paragraph Vs Essay

Unit 9: Human Rights

Vocabulary: Human Right Problems

Video Lesson: What are the universal human rights?

Word Formation: Suffixes

Video Lesson: Learn 30+ Common Suffixes

Function: Expressing an Apology

Grammar: The Reported Speech (Part 1)

Video Lesson: The Reported Speech

Unit 10: Travel

Vocabulary: Tourist Attractions - Vacation Activities - Vacation Types

Function: Expressing Present & Past Possibility

Grammar: Reported Speech - Part 2 (said, asked & told)

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