Lessons and exercises for 2nd year Bac students

Starter: Review

Parts of the Speech

English Tenses

Regular Vs Irregular Verbs

Unit 1: Gifts of Youth

Vocabulary: Gifts of Youth, Talents & Qualities

Function: Expressing Opinion

Grammar: Infinitive or Gerund

Video Lesson: Gerunds and Infinitives - Part 1

Video Lesson: Gerunds and Infinitives - Part 2

Reading Comprehension: Gifts of Youth

Writing: Describing a person

Unit 2: Humor

Vocabulary: Humor

Function: Making Requests

Grammar: Present Modals & Past Modals

Video Lesson: Present Vs Past Modals

Reading Comprehension: Humor

Writing: The Narrative Paragraph

Units 1 and 2 Review

Unit 3: Education

Vocabulary: Education Collocations

Function: Expresssing Purpose

Grammar: The Past Perfect Tense

Video Lesson: The Past Perfect Tense

Video Lesson: The Past Perfect Negative

Video Lesson: The Past Perfect Continuous

Video Lesson: The Past Perfect Continuous Negative

Video Lesson: Past Perfect vs. Past Simple

Video Lesson: Past Perfect Continuous vs. Past Perfect

Reading Comprehension: Education

Writing: A Report about an Event

Unit 4: Sustainable Development

Vocabulary: Sustainable Development Collocations

Function: Expressing Cause and Effect

Grammar: The Future Perfect Tense

Video Lesson: The Future Perfect Tense

Video Lesson: The Future Perfect Negative

Video Lesson: The Future Perfect - Yes/No Questions

Video Lesson: The Future Perfect - Information Questions

Video Lesson: The Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Reading Comprehension: Sustainable Development

Writing: The Formal Letter

Units 3 and 4 Review

Unit 5: Women and Power

Vocabulary: Women's Rights

Word Formation: Suffixes (-ation; -ment; -ance; -ence; -ism; -ity)

Function: Expressing Addition and Concession

Grammar:The Passive Voice

Video Lesson: Active vs. Passive

Video Lesson: The Passive Voice

Video Lesson: Passive with a form of "to get

Reading Comprehension: Women and Power

Writing: A Book Review

Unit 6: Cultural Values

Vocabulary: Cultural Values (definitions, antonyms, collocations)

Function: Complaining + Making & Accepting Apologies

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs

Video Lesson: Phrasal Verbs 1

Video Lesson: Phrasal Verbs 2

Reading Comprehension: Cultural Values

Writing: The Informal Letter (The Personal Letter)

Review: Units 5 and 6

Unit 7: Citizenship

Vocabulary: Citizenship (definitions, collocations)

Function: Asking for and Giving Advice

Grammar: Reported Speech

Video Lesson: Direct Speech

Video Lesson: Reported (Indirect) Speech

Reading Comprehension: Citizenship

Writing: Application Form

Unit 8: International Organizations

Vocabulary: International Organizations (Acronyms, Concerns & Jargon)

Function: Responding to Good News & Bad News

Grammar: Linking Words

Video lesson: How to use English connectors / Linking Words

Reading Comprehension: International Organizations

Writing #1: A short essay about an NGO

Writing #2: A formal email to the UN about causes and effects of a social problem.

Review: Units 7 and 8

Unit 9: Science & Technology

Vocabulary: Science & Technology (branches, gadgets & collocations)

Video lesson: Technology - Its impact on your world of work

Function: Expressing Certainty & Uncertainty

Video Lesson: Expressing certainty

Grammar: Review of Conditional Type 2

Video Lesson: Review of Conditional Type 2

Grammar: Conditional Type 3

Video Lesson: Conditional Type 3

Reading Comprehension: Science & Technology

Writing: An essay about advantages and disadvantages

Unit 10: Brain Drain

Vocabulary: Brain Drain (definition, collocations, antonyms)

Video Lesson: What is brain drain?

Word Formation: Prefixes

Function: Expressing regret about past events

Grammar: Restrictive (Defining) Vs Non-restrictive (Non-Defining) Relative Clause

Video Lesson: Defining Relative Clause

Video Lesson: Non-Defining Relative Clause

Reading Comprehension: Brain Drain

Writing: Review (Paragraph vs Essay)

Review: Units 9 and 10

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Writing: Short Samples

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